Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Found-Graphics, Animated

I once had to think of a last-minute cheat for a digital compositing assignment. 

So i found an educational illustration of how some water creature wags its tail. 
There were like 6 drawings there and, because this was a text book illustration, they were pretty "on model".
The drawings had been created to be consistent (so that the creature may read as the same throughout the illustration) but without any intention of being animated.
And so when i aligned and sequenced these drawings, the results were eerie.  If i can find this animation, i will definitely post it.

Meanwhile, i've decided to try this out with some other illustrations i've come across.
Look at these guys go!


  1. Do you remember "Worst animation" night?
    The 2nd one reminds me of the exercise
    segment :D

  2. that's great...collaborative arm and leg exercise!