Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be a Man Kill the Fish

Yuriy Gavrilenko has posted Be a Man Kill the Fish on youtube. It's not the highest-res version, but we'll put up a better one soon.
This was the first animated film i ever worked on. Yuriy Directed, i animated, and Dmitry Rozin edited it (a few hours before its premiere at RSFest 2, in 2004).


  1. Haha I liked it! The music is interesting too. And I can already see a common motif in your oeuvre: the birds here and that seagull in your other collaboration (sorry, forgot the name of that movie).

  2. Yes, i knew that would come up sooner or later.
    Fish and birds seem to be everywhere in my work.
    Just wait till you see the next film i'm working on. :)