Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poor Man's 3D

When virtual reality appeared, and was extremely expensive, Randy Pausch created a project called "Virtual Reality for $5 a Day".
So, now that we're in the days when "3d tv without the glassses " techology is being developed, i've decided to try making the poor man's 3d without glasses experience. I'm not nearly as smart as Randy Pausch was but i think i may be on to something.

This is made of two frames played one after the other at 48 frames per second (if flash can really do that).
The weird thing is that i accidentally gave it two focal points.

of course, after posting this i found a bunch of this kind of stuff HERE. B U T ! i made mine using just one camera and adjusted the images in photoshop (that's where the multiple focal points came from). so, my method is cheaper and more flexible. oh yeah.

of course my next step will be to do a longer animation - add motion. maybe tomorrow.


  1. that is so cool!!!! lol also, i like the drawing of the guy with a square looking ass.